WW3 – Everything you need to know


OK, so what we know so far: FARM51 released a statement via Steam that reads as the following:

“World War 3 will start October 19th! (price revealed)”
“22 September – Muflex


We have concluded yet another phase of our field tests and we’d like to extend our most sincere gratitude towards all of you, thousands of players from all over the world who have been a great help in the past few weeks. We still have a few test phases ahead of us, and you’d be more than welcome to participate.

After thorough analysis of the results, community feedback as well as many conversations with you and within our development team we have great news for you!

We have received the final order of assault! We’re ready! The invasion starts on 19.10.2018 ! World War 3 will be available in Early Access in a soft-price model for just 28,00 USD.

On the 19th of October we count on your supporting fire on the World War 3 front lines, where hand in hand we shall march into battle on realistic maps as infantry and armored units. Are you ready to experience true modern battlefield?”



Obviously since then the hype train has well and truly left the station, but It’s easy to forget that although there is a ton of anticipation about this game (and with good reason), the game is still only releasing as early access which means there will no doubt be a lot of balancing, testing and implementation before we see the final product hopefully within 12 -15 months from the time it hits Early Access. – So what do we know about the release?

The information contained here comes largely from the companies “Ask me anything” channel on their Discord which I will link at the bottom of this post but the following has been confirmed by the developers:

* When the game releases there will be more than 20 weapons – but with lots of customization options – silencers, barrells, stocks, sights, magazines, grips, laser modules, flashlights, paints, emblems etc. which gives you a hundreds of possible gun modifications.

* It will be similar to ‘Hardcore’ mode in Battlefield 4, but with a minimap and friendly-fire always on.

* 64 players across all gaming modes which includes a mode called “Warzone” which is very similar to Battlefields “Conquest”. However there will be 32 and 48 player variants.

* There appears to be a huge emphasis on customization both in weapons and vehicles (as depicted in the showcase video’s) – “You will be able to customize each vehicle to make it look and feel like a specific version of the base vehicle. Take a basic Leopard 2A4 and make it into a Leo 2SG if you want. It’s all about your creativity and needs.”

* “The atmosphere and the experience is a bit similar, since just like Arma we use real equipment. It’s a game though, not a simulator so we’re closer to BF than to Arma in that respect.”

* The devs have confirmed no microtransactions for Early Access, and even then even if they do it will be in consultation with the community, they have also made a strong commitment to ensuring the game never becomes pay-to-win.

* It seems like the developers, while maintaining that they are working on a “game” and not a simulator, they have been quoted as saying there will be level of realism with the gun play that perhaps we haven’t seen before with Battlefield or CoD. Certainly the information we have been given, and the ballistic’s video’s would indicate they are focusing a lot of time and reasources on this system.

* There are no classes to choose from, rather players can choose to equip themselves with whatever equipment they deem necessary for the mission at hand, again there appears to be a big emphasis on customization, with speed being the trade off for carrying more armor, weapons, etc.

* The dev’s have said there will be a heavy emphasis on squad play with perks and friendly air strikes coming faster to squads that work together.

* The dev’s have left the door open for eSports by saying it really only depends on how popular the game becomes post launch, with that said however they have hinted at plans specifically for clan based competition.

* Something I found on Discord which I had to share in it’s entirety, in relation to will there be a single player campaign:

@Eclipse Q: Do you have plans for a campaign? A: No such plans for near future.WW3 will be purely multiplayer, however if WW3 will be successful who knows ? :smiley: We have many friends who serve in the army, experienced real war in the Middle-East and some other places around the world etc. We think that none of today singleplayer FPS games shows the real face of war, the real tension and fear of combat, so eveything is possible in the future.

– I can’t help but feel like there’s a certain level of decorum that you simply don’t see from developers these days *cough* Battlefield… *cough* I really dig this answer from Muflex (Farm51 Developer)

* There will be no flyable aircraft in WW3, except for drones and you will be able to call in airstrikes etc so you can still expect to see and hear plenty of jets screaming over head, but with that said they have left the door open to the possibility of adding aircraft in the future.

* On release expect a variety of tanks and APC’s on offer, I havent been able to find out how many exactly each team has to begin with but you can expect both teams to have one of each from release.

* The ability to call in Airstrikes is point based not kill based like CoD. Again – big emphasis on squad play and team work.

* For the real geeks out there the entire game is written in C++.

Note* We’ll continue to update this page over the next 2 weeks if more information becomes available. With that said, dont be shy to head over the WW3 discord https://discord.gg/2qsg47 – If your reading this and that link has expired check out http://www.thefarm51.com/eng/projekt/world-war-3-2/or google “WW3 Discord”


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