Drift hangs out with DANNYonPC and the VENNICE UNLEASHED devs.


“If you look at the Frostbite Engine and how complex it is, it’s going to be very difficult for people to mod the game,”

Patrick Soderlund 2011.

Counter Strike, DOTA, DayZ, KillingFloor, PUBG. These games are absolutely massive, and yet, they started out life as mod’s of juggernauts at the time. Half Life, Warcraft3, ARMA, Unreal Tournament etc. After seeing what the Frostbite engine could do back in 2011, many including myself dreamed of a day where such technology could be modified, and completely new games brought to life. But sadly, this sadly, was something that was always going to be difficult by design. Dice has always kept its cards close to its chest, and Frostbite was no exception. https://gamerant.com/battlefield-3-no-modding-tools/ .

That said, there were those of us that dared to dream, and continue to dream, and I was thrilled when I discovered this video back in 2015 and found that there were in fact, a small dedicated team of madmen that despite the technical challenges, had been hard at work trying to break in, and unleash the engine’s potential.

While I knew the trajectory was going to be a long one, and while I knew nothing was guaranteed I always held on to hope that it might just happen, that the team would be able to stick with it and one day we would finally unlock the door and unleash the potential of Frostbite. – In the meantime, the platoon and I continued to play Battlefield 4, dabble in Battlefield 1, and be completely disappointed that the first time we were able to go back to WW2 in well over a decade, it would be nothing like the 1942 we remembered. And then, finally, after close to a decade of hard work, it happened.

So just what is Venice Unleashed? I think the real answer to this question is one that a lot of people get the wrong. Straight off the bat, VU gives to the community a range of features previously kept from them. For a starters, dedicated server files. No more need to spend massive amounts of money paying 3rd part licence holders massive amounts of money to host a game most people could easily host from their own home. This also ensures the game will live on long after the day EA/Dice decides to turn off the servers.

It also allows for tweaks to be made easily in game via console, as is seen in my video, which the Dev team has done an absolutely admirable job of making easy for server admins, even adding GUI’s where possible for ease of use, however while all these features are incredible in their own right, the thing that makes VU a game changer, pun intended, is that it is the Mod that allows all other Mods possible. VU provides the framework and the tools for Level Designers, Artists, and Developers easily mod the base game and create something completely new. The only thing Modders are now limited by is their own imagination, and the manpower to create new assets, new maps, and well, frankly entirely new games.

People will judge VU purely as a standalone Mod, which is fair but also completely misses the bigger picture. VU is the Mod that makes the Mod, and as someone who has been watching this space for some time now, it will only be a matter of time before someone makes a mod using VU, that will absolutely rock the gaming world, just like Counter Strike did, or DOTA or any other title that started out as a Mod, and when we look back it will be the hard work of the VU team that made it all possible, and I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and dedication. Cheers to Powback and the entire team.

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