Update for October 2017

  • DayZ Due to hit Beta possibly by the end of the Month. TheWalkingZed, server hosted by theFrequency to follow not long after.
  •  Website is now secure. SSL encryption is enabled, feel free to log on or create an account.
  • Easy log-in’s using Facebook, Twitch, Twitter or Steam. For those wanting a standalone account, simply let me know or email admin@thefrequency.com.au. Otherwise simply click on “SIGN IN” and then click on your preferred platform to sign in. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED.
  • Gaming servers are on their way back. At least 2 gaming servers in addition to the announced DayZ server to be back online by the end of the year, looking at a range of titles, possibly BF1, or RS2 Vietnam but we’ll consult with the community first.


Lots more functionality coming to the website over coming months, obviously its still a work in progress but expect more consistency now some of the basics like SSL, and social log ins are out of the way.

Many thanks for you patience and look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.


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