The MW2 Multiplayer Reveal goes live @ 2:30am AEST 16/9


For Playstation owners, the much anticipated Modern Warfare 2 reboot Beta is mere hours away, as well as the Multiplayer Reveal which is expected to go live during Call Of Duty NEXT, @ 2:30AM AEST. Modern Warfare 2 is the sequel to Modern Warfare 2019, and a reboot to the Modern Warfare games, which received acclaim from both players generally and critics alike. MW2 Which was released in 2009, was a watershed game for not only the franchise but gaming generally, being one of the highest rated games of all time selling over 4.7 Million copies in 24 hours, in an era where digital downloads were the exception not the rule.

For everyone not on Playstation, the weekend of the 22nd is your opportunity to get your hands on the game and give it a try, with websites like Kinguin selling Beta keys to gain an extra couple of days access, but be advised we have seen the price of those Beta keys go from $2AUD, to now over $7 as we move closer to the MP Reveal. Given how much hype is around this particular title, its not particularly surprising. From our perspective, and I’m sure even CoD veterans will agree, the Modern Warfare titles have always marked a special time in the life cycle of Call of Duty. They are typically just a cut about the rest, the engine feels more crisp, the visuals just that little be better than its Black Ops counterpart. MW, and especially MW2 just hold a special place in the heart and minds of those who historically played CoD.

On any other day, a MW2 Multiplayer Reveal would be special, but given the current environment MW2 is being released in, the terrible performance and distain for both Vanguard, the previous CoD title, and Battlefield 2042, which continues to seed player counts barely exceed 6000 world wide according to Steam Charts, gamers are absolutely itching for a well produced first person shooter, and with all the nostalgia that a title like MW2 brings, including a very well executed marketing campaign has seen the MW2 hype train well and truly leave the station.

Despite the pedigree there are some notable and interesting changes coming to the game from previous MW titles, including a yet unnamed Game Mode which is rumoured to be a CoD style Escape From Tarkov game among others, and although not effecting the game directly, it’s release on Steam, the first time since CoD WW2 back in 2017 a is a very welcome change. – Grab a coffee and come Join us on Discord for the reveal, and get ready to pub stomp like its 2019.


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