The 2020 FREQ of the year awards


The 2020 FREQ of the year awards

Let’s be real, 2020 has pretty terrible reviews. It kicked off with the worst fires Australia has seen in living memory, and like the gift that keeps on giving, graced the world with the worst pandemic in a century. 2020, has affected us all, and we have all had to individually adapt to a new normal. As we move into 2021, I couldn’t be more proud of my fellow countrymen, and although we aren’t quite out of the woods yet, Oceania is the envy of the world right now, and we should be proud of what we have accomplished together. We did it reddit.

And through it all, through the weeks of isolation and social distancing, when the future seemed terrifyingly uncertain, and merely stepping outside might kill you, there was thefrequency, and it’s band of brothers. I know personally, having a family member with a compromised immune system, the necissity for me to isolate in the worst days of the pandamic, necissiarly meant that I was housebound, sometimes weeks at a time, and despite the isolation, I was never alone. Together we stormed the beaches of Normandy, Fought with sword and axe for the Aldmeri dominion, tamed Paracel Storm, purged heretics and scored more goals than Messi, and I can’t thank my fellow Freq’s enough for an incredible 12 months of fun and adventure. We truly are a band of brothers.

In that spirit, I would like to announce the annual Freq of the year awards. This is an opportunity to acknowledge members of the community for their dedication, service and all round awesomness. If there is a member you feel deserves some recognition, this is your opportunity.

The prize

The nominated winner will receive a dog tag and chain with their names + year awarded engraved, and a video game of their choice. *Everyone who votes will also go into the running to win a video game pack valued over $100


To be in the running, you must be in the top 15 on the leaderboards in discords #Members-Lounge (leaderboards are based on activity) – Current standings can be found here:

NOTE* Some admins/mods have two accounts, obviously the secondary accounts for these members will be discounted.

A poll will go live on the 18/12/2020, and all members will have an opportunity to vote on these 15 nominees and members asked to vote based on sex appeal, intelligence, but most of all loyalty, friendliness, and or service to the community.


Head on over to #polls in Discord, and simply click on the name of who you think deserves this years Freq of the year award.

Games will also be handed out at random to those who vote so get involved. Best of luck to all who participate.


Again, many thanks for everyone’s support and friendship over this past year, and of course every year for almost a decade now.


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