Support Us

There are 3 important ways you can support the community. Firstly by donating whatever small amount you can. – Servers, webhosting, running events and competitions, all cost a significant amount of time and money. The time Freq admins provide to the community is on the house, it’s something we do collectively purely for the love of the community, the cost of keeping the servers running and the website active however, is something we need your help with. Please consider making a donation below. Every cent goes a long way to ensuring theFrequency can continue to serve the greater enthusiast community in Australia and NewZealand.

Secondly, getting involved as an admin. Your time is precious, and we would be honoured if you gave some of that time to ensure gaming servers are being administered, forums and discord are running smoothly etc. – If interested please contact Adminsane.

And Thirdly, getting involved on social media, joining the steam group, facebook group, or simply subscribing to our twitch, youtube and Twitter accounts, all of which can be found bellow. 


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