Someone Remade Winamp So It Runs In Your Browser


Ah, Winamp. It may have whipped the llama’s ass back in the late 90s, but it’s all but forgotten now, two decades on. If you’re up for a bit of nostalgia, developer Jordan Eldredge has cooked up a bloody good web facsimile using Javascript and HTML5 that can play music straight from your PC.

It should work in every browser except Internet Explorer (Edge is fine), though I doubt that comes as a surprise. It’s based on the 2.9 version of Winamp, if you’re wondering why it doesn’t look exactly how you remember it.

If you want to run your own version, the source code is available on GitHub. It’s a work in progress, so don’t expect it to do absolute everything the original did.

While Eldredge’s isn’t the first attempt at Winamp-in-a-browser, it’s definitely the slickest and most up-to-date.

[Jordan Eldredge, via gHacks]


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