Situation Report June 2017


“How do you make god laugh?

– Tell him your plans “

                                        John Cleese


First and foremost I would just like to thank everyone for their patience while we’ve been putting together the new website. It’s taken WAY longer then we would of liked but sometimes the ends justifies the means and while its be painful to take a few steps back, sometimes one must take a step back before making important strides forward. It’s been quite the leap of faith letting go for a while as I’ve focused on study and taking on all those wonderful challenges life throws at us from time to time, but regardless of the state of the website, how many servers we have online, or even how often I can commit to playing games recently, there are those of you who, some for well over 5 years now, continue to be a faithful fixture on discord, continue to keep supporting not only myself but the community as a whole, and its for you guys that I’m driven to keep doing everything I can to ensure thefrequency is and always something we can be proud of. A place in the ether we can call our own. You guys are family, and I can’t thank you all enough for always being there through thick and thin – You know who you are.


So whats this Sitrep all about? Well as the name would suggest, once a month I’m going to outline where we are and what we working towards. While facebook has its advantages and we have a heavy presence in that space, many dont use facebook for good reason and some frankly simply miss out on information that gets buried in the feed. We need a single point of truth, thus the monthly SitRep is here to stay. I did do something similar with the old forums but never has it looked this sexy. And on that topic, please be gentle with the new website, the paints still fresh, but more importantly PLEASE play around with it. More then just looking pretty the new website has a huge amount of functionality. No more several different logins from website to forum, one login will work over the entire network. Further more this website has been created not just as merely a website for clan, its designed to be a home for a community of clans. For example, anyone can log onto and create their own clan, which includes the ability to easily create individual and independent clan websites within thefrequency network.


As we move into the end of 2017 and into 2018, clans will be able to challenge each other on the website and allocate time on future Freq servers for scrims, with the goal of creating a fully fledged eSports ladder by mid 2018, all completely run here on the website. – To that end you will also notice that users can easily message each other using the icons located next to “sign in” at the top of the page. So members from completely separate communities can liaise here instead of trying to track each other down on facebook, steam etc. And this is just the surface of the functionality this new website has in store. I will write up a full run down of all the features in weeks and months to come, but right now what I’m asking all members to do is please sign up and play around with it, there is a lot more to the website then simply presenting information, we need members to communicate with each other and use everything thats available at this point so we can iron out any bugs that we find as a result. You might say we’re in a bit of a beta testing phase right now and we need your help. – The website is also completely mobile friendly, so dont be shy to use those mobile devices.




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