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The Freqplatoon is a group of gamers who play a variety of games, but primarily Battlefield 4 and successive Battlefield titles. What started out as a group of “Freqs” (technicians, admins and content creators) getting together to have some fun after work has over time turned into a fully fledged gaming clan for members, guests and Freq fanatics alike.

The Platoon is split into 3 regiments or divisions:

Red Division: Serious gamers only. Those who make it into Red Division have and will from time to time represent theFrequency in an eSports capacity.

Black Division: Is the Kiwi regiment, dedicated to “Freq’s” currently residing in NewZealand, and caters for the both casual and competitive gamer.

Blue Division: Is the Australian regiment dedicated to “Freq’s” currently residing in Australia, and caters for the both casual and competitive gamer.

For those interested in joining the Platoon, contact an admin on discord, or apply directly through the Battlelog platoon pages listed below. Note* ALL members MUST be registered on this website. All thats needed to register is to simply logon to the website using either your facebook, steam, twitch or twitter account.

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