Hell Let Loose – Update 12 ‘FallingDark’ about to go LIVE! New server online!


New Server Ahoy!!

Long time veterans know we are no strangers to running Gaming Servers. From running local servers at LAN parties back in the day, to running large, highly customised DayZ EPOCH servers to running some of Australia’s only 120hz Battlefield 4 servers, to even at one point being sponsored by Streamline-Servers to run the largest cluster of CSGO servers in Oceania at one point. – The pressing question for the community lately however is a dual one. What to run, and why?

If you have been hanging around for the past couple of years, you will also know, that Hell Let Loose, created by all Aussie Studio, Black Matter, has been a regular go-to when it comes to tactical FPS’. For us, there is simply nothing quite like the authentic team play experience that HLL offers. It has been, for us, a shining beacon in an otherwise bitterly disappointing array of showings from the likes of EA and ActiLizzard.

As the HLL community grows, and with the release of the latest, long awaited update from Black Matter Update 12 ‘Falling Dark’ we believe the time is right for us go live with our latest Server Hosting endeavour. – We hope that you will join us in celebrating not just the new server which we hope will be another valued server among a growing list of servers for the community, but also celebrating the game itself, which continues to give us PTSD in the best possible way.

The Update

Hell Let Loose seems to be going from strength to strength with each update. Bringing new maps, new armies, weapons, and balances. However, the latest update – update 12. Looks like it will really bring a whole new perspective to the game which could drastically change the experiences you’ve had played up until now.

The two biggest additions to the next patch will be the introduction of night maps on Foy, Hurtgen Forest, Purple Heart Lane, Kursk, and the brand new map Remagen. Touted as being low light moods for these maps. There is a whole new perspective on the game. With the cover of darkness, players will be presented with new tactical approaches that may have seemed like crazy places to cross or set up attacks.

Furthermore, beyond the potential tactical changes and new ways to make pushes across maps. There is a psychological change to having night maps. The dark typically makes people more cautious. The unknown element of creeping through dimly lit areas can set people on high alert. I fully expect there to be an added air of tension to the maps simply for being nighttime. I can’t wait to experience it.

But it’s not just a blanket spread of dark being added to the maps. There is more of a fog added as well as the duskier gloom of the night. It won’t be pitch black so you won’t know who you’re fighting. But you will have to pay more attention to see those figures moving along the shrouded hedges and creeping through the darkened alleyways.

To add to the tactical plays in the dark. We will also see the introduction of flare guns. There will be three new flare guns – one for each faction. They will be initially added to the spotter class with one flare, so use it wisely. Whilst adding a visual signal for showing the presence of enemies. Flares will also mark enemy players on the map for 30 seconds within a radius of 50 metres. This should hopefully make the Spotter role a little more interesting and desirable for players.


The new map being added – Remagen, looks like something entirely brand new for the Hell Let Loose experience. The battle of Remagen took place in March 1945 and was centered around the Axis forces trying to destroy the bridge.

Typically, most of the maps have felt spread out with lots of ways to engage, create flanks, or hold positions from. However, the main focal point for Remagen is the huge bridge that spans the centre of the map across the river acting as the central control point.

Holding this bridge is going to be a very interesting fight. However, taking it might just be the craziest and hellish firefight the game has to offer. The first rush to the point will no doubt be a mad one. Whoever manages to take it first, will undoubtedly have an advantage. However, this is where a well-placed airhead could really change the tide of the battle. There is no denying that the middle point is going to be carnage and I can’t wait to see it.

In Memory of James Light – Rest In Peace.

I would be remissed for posting this update, without acknowledging the tragic news of the passing of Black Matter producer James Light on the 18th of June, 2022. James was an integral part of Hell Let Loose coming to fruition, and by all accounts a wonderful colleague, friend and family member. Considering the challenges this small studio has faced already, merely trying to get this game off the ground, it is indeed a cruel twist of fate to lose someone such as James.

We will be trying to somehow honour James when we go live tonight, but we would ask anyone who appreciates the game, to keep James and his family in your thoughts, and lets as a community work together to preserve his memory – the original reddit post to which we learned this terrible information can be found here: Remembering James Light : HellLetLoose (reddit.com)

Many thanks to one and all who have supported us up until this point, who continue to support us, and we will see you on the Battlefield.


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