GTA Online’s “After Hours” update is here




The latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online is officially live, bringing with it a slew of new features, as well as one returning character. Tony Prince, otherwise known as “Gay Tony” in The Ballad of Gay Tony expansion from GTA 4, returns in this update that highlights the nightlife of Los Santos. Here’s what the After Hours update for Grand Theft Auto Online brings with it:

Los Santos Underground Radio – An Online-only radio station (coming July 31) that features a new DJ mix following each debut.
Resident DJ Debuts – Solomun (coming July 24), Tale of Us (July 31), Dixon (August 7), and The Black Madonna (August 14)
Dancing gameplay – various styles and intensities based on the beat of the music.
Nightclub minigames – examples include VIP drinking and popping bottles
Free and Additional modes – Business Battles, Club Management Missions, etc.
An Expanded Garage and 7 new vehicles – Dinka Jester Classic (Legendary Motorsport), Ocelot Swinger (Legendary Motorsport), Mammoth Patriot Stretch (Southern San Andreas Super Autos), Festival Bus (Southern San Andreas Super Autos), MTL Pounder Custom (Warstock), Maibatsu Mule Custom (Warstock), and the Vapid Speedo Custom (included with Nightclub’s warehouse garage).
New Clothing
Consolidation of criminal business under one roof with Nightclub

gta online brings back ballad of gay tony



More than that, however, the introduction of Nightclubs to GTA Online allows players to hire staff, buy equipment, manage the club, and earn a steady income while covering up other more shady endeavors. This is done so through the Nightclub Warehouse where players can manage all existing businesses and still expand their network, enjoy various discounts, and use tech staff to get cargo, all from the comfort of the Nightclub. The Warehouse Garage allows players to manage a delivery fleet and move the cargo, which comes with the aforementioned vehicles.

Club Owners in Grand Theft Auto Online can also change a lot the Nightclubs features. For instance the following can be altered: DJs, the DJ’s booth, the dance floor (based on popularity), VIP Area (which includes in-game celebrities and group activities), Office (management hub, security cams, popularity tracking, and trophies specific to achievements), and bars (owners can even serve drinks).

The Grand Theft Auto Online update also allows for  options to change or upgrade smaller aspects from a number of base styles, which includes the visuals and lighting of the club, the name of the club (from nine presets), and the gender of the in-club dancers as well as wardrobe styles (three to choose from). Players can also hire additional staff, increasing the daily intake, and additional security, which includes a number of upgrades.

It’s worth mentioning that players can manage their Nightclub down to the most minute detail, even manipulating the entry cost (which ranges from $0 to $100, the default is $10), though crew members do not have to pay. Players who don’t pay the cost get ejected by the bouncer, and Nightclub owners can block certain players from entry. These additions to Grand Theft Auto 5‘s online component are likely to be widely and well received, as the game is the most profitable entertainment product of all time.

Moreover, players who logged in from June 25-July 2 will continue to receive the following Guest List bonuses: $350,000 in GTA Online, a Maisonette Los Santos t-shirt, 40% discount on the Maibatsu Mule Custom and MTL Pounder Custom, 40% armor discount on the aforementioned vehicles as well as the Vapid Speedo Custom, exclusive Sessante Nove multi-color and pink & green camo liveries, and exclusive Ocelot Swing ‘For Queen and Country’ livery.

Lastly, players who sign up for 12 months of PlayStation Plus through Grand Theft Auto 5 get an extra 3 months free, as well as a bonus of $1,250,000 and $200,000 every week thereafter for 7 weeks in Grand Theft Auto Online. This offer expires August 6.


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