In addition to the hard work the team has put into Servers of late, so to have we looked at Discord to see what we could do better, and what more we can offer the community.

New Features:

Nebula/Curiosity Stream Subscription now streaming ( ( LIVE ) ) For Members and Prospects.

If you’re into STEM Channels on Youtube, you have no doubt seen this Streaming Service advertised by the likes Joe Scott, or Scott Manly. If you ever wondered if you would like to check it out but were reluctant to pull the trigger, well look no further thefrequency has you covered. Now streaming live 24/7 in Discord, simply head over to ‘LIVE-STREAMS’ and join the ‘TV ROOM’ to check out the both very informative and entertaining Streaming service from the original people who bought us the Discovery Channel (Before the Discovery Channel was more interested in shows about Ancient Aliens lol)

Included in the stream is Nebula, another awesome streaming service devoted to STEM, our Streaming bot will change between the two periodically. – Any issues getting into the channel or with the stream, just let a Mod or Admin know and we’ll get you soughted. BYO Popcorn.


After being in alpha for several months we are happy to officially announce our in-house economy. There are several ways to earn currency in house which we are currently calling “Coinz” (Imaginative I know :P).
First method is fairly straight forward, all members have access to the $daily function, which will earn you a modest amount of Coinz (Once every 24 Hours). You can then use these Coinz to buy Real world items in the Coinz shop, such as Steam Vouchers, Apparel from the Merch store such as Hoodies etc, or hell, even buy your mate a beer. (more on the store later)

You can then gamble your Coinz by playing several games such as Blackjack etc if you’re feeling lucky.

The third is via special events such as our Monthly Poker nights, but the fourth and one that will net you the most income is by working your way up the Monthly XP ladder. Members can earn XP by participating in the Discord, participating in voice channels, engaging in the various channels etc. Check out the current levels at anytime HERE.

By far, the best way to earn Coinz is via earning XP. 15,000 Coinz for 1st place, 8,0000 Coinz for 2nd place 3,000 Coinz for 3rd.

Midjourney AI Art Bot.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 12 months, you’d be aware by now that the machines are here, and we are all f$cked. Whether its ChatGPT creating almost indiscernible works of literature to that of a human, or case in point Midjourney AI. Midjourney AI Bot, is a Discord bot that will take in a description in English and create four completely original images, of which you can choose to upscale yet again until you have an entirely new image. Want to see “Wombat as a WWII Soldier” ?

Here you go:

Based on your 4 options, choose the one you like the most, in this case lets pick U1

And here is the final result. Not bad for about 45 Seconds of work huh?

The only limitation is your imagination. *Midjourney will allow you to create roughly 15 works of art once you sign up using /imagine in any Server that supports Midjourney, however for our members we have a solution that will allow you to access Midjourney for life, for FREE. Simply use the Prefix * instead of / in any channel and you we will process your request on your behalf. – As far as we can tell we are the only Discord to offer this to its members, so jump in an get creative. NOTE* Though the natural compulsion is to type in something like “Mad hentai chicks” or something similar, Midjourney has a vast list of words that it will not allow, and as a result if your image doesn’t work you likely put in a disallowed word. Somewhat wholesome requests only please lol.

Our bot that allows this functionality is still in its Beta stages so please be gentle but by all means, jump in and check it out.

24/7 Live Streaming Radio Stations

We love music @ thefrequency. Loves it. So much so we have several completely custom Music bots streaming 3 of our Favourite Streaming Radio Stations, all with their own style/genre’s for your listening pleasure – Want to listen to something but just cbf’d choosing something? we got you soughted, all streams live in ‘LIVE-STREAMS’ and can be listened to there, but all can be easily dragged down to any channel by a Mod or Admin upon request:


Hailing from the cold icy Mountains of Middle Earth (NZ) BadRadio can ALWAYS be trusted to bring the Glock Rockin beats anytime of day or night.



DEF CON is one of the world’s largest annual hacker conventions, held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 2013, SomaFM has provided the music for the DEF CON Chill room. That theme continues with SomaFM broadcasting this special year-round stream from San Francisco, hosted by the DJs who entertain the DEF CON chill room this year in Vegas.


Death.FM blasts the best Death & Black Metal on the planet! It spawned on Halloween of 2004 and is the second station of the 24seven.FM family. If you’re into the darkside, enjoy playing Doom on Nightmare, is the perfect complimentary soundtrack to your online mayhem.


Want to listen to something specific? Hydra or JockeyBot no longer working for you because of Youtube’s crackdown on Music bots? Look no further traveller, for we know the way. Listen to WHATEVER you want, whenever you want, and from both Youtube and Spotify. Perfect quality, ad free. Just the way God intended. We even have a search feature built in so if you dont have the link, no worries, just type whatever music your looking to play in #Jukebox with the prefix %play (followed by the song title) and our custom music bot will bring the beats in whatever channel you happen to be sitting in.

We also have a specific Music Bot for VIP’s for those of you who have a subscription and don’t want to share it with anyone else. – See #dontation roles for more info in Discord.

NHL/Hockey Stats

At thefrequency, we are CONSTANTLY looking to add more features to Discord for our members, and ensure we are catering to as wide a variety of interests as possible. We are proud to announce our latest Hockeystats bot for those Hockey fanatics in #Winter_sports. Whilst still in its early stages HockeyStats will post everything from upcoming NHL matches, results and even odds. A cool feature that we hope to add Soccer(football) and to #Summer_sports for those of you who follow the NBA. Stay tuned for more updates.

Thats about it for the Q1 roundup, but again, we are constantly working to add more features over and above the many features we currently already have on our Discord, so stay tuned updates and thanks one and all for your ongoing support as we work tirelessly to bring the best experience on Discord we can deliver.

Remember to follow us on Twitter @freqplatoon and if you haven’t joined us yet, be sure to come say hello –


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