Battlefield 2042 Continues to be an unmitigated Disaster


The year was 2021. After 2 years of lockdowns, the utter failure that was Battlefield V, (Check out my post on that shit show here) and the terrible launch of Call of duty Vanguard, the FPS community was like an army of ravenous crazy hounds, CRAVING a modern shooter to take them back to the good ole days of Battlefield 3, 4, and some guy named Solomon.

And perhaps it was because of this hunger we were unable to see what, in retrospect was obvious from the teaser trailer. I like those who stayed up way too late watch said trailer were initially very optimistic, the trailer looked clean enough, but without question the REAL draw was Portal. Perhaps in response to EA/Dices anxieties around the development of modding tools such as VU, perhaps due to simply knowing that to sell a Hero Shooter they would have to appease the purists – Portal came out of no where.

How could they go wrong? All the ingredients for an absolute home run was there. All bases covered. A community that assumed that EA/Dice has learnt their lesson after V (which lets not forget they pulled resources from that games live service never to be replaced in order to get 2042 over the line according to their own statements.) And yet here we are, close to six months after launch and the game is objectively an unquestionable failure and EA/Dice has no one but themselves to blame. From greedy monetization tactics, to shoe horning identity politics into the game, to just basic stuff like clearly not testing weapons before launch (See DannyOnPC’s video about the USAS).

As a result, Battlefield 2042, a Triple AAA Game, from long established Triple AAA Studio, is now seeing it’s population dip to basically unplayable numbers. Without the bots, its hard to see how this game continue as a “Live Service” when the game is clearly dead.


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