Alien vs Predator 2010 Retrospective


In 2010, Rebellion Developments released the highly anticipated video game “Alien vs Predator.” The game was a first-person shooter that allowed players to take on the roles of either the Alien, the Predator, or a Marine, in a battle for survival. It was a reboot of the classic 1999 game of the same name, but with updated graphics and gameplay mechanics.

One of the game’s strengths was its ability to faithfully capture the unique abilities and characteristics of each of the three playable species. Playing as the Alien allowed players to climb walls, crawl on ceilings, and pounce on unsuspecting prey. Playing as the Predator allowed players to use stealth tactics and a variety of weapons, including the iconic wrist blades and shoulder-mounted plasma cannon. Playing as a Marine was a more traditional first-person shooter experience, complete with a variety of weapons and gadgets.

The game’s single-player campaign consisted of three separate campaigns, one for each playable species. Each campaign followed a similar structure, with players progressing through a series of linear levels, fighting enemies along the way. While each campaign had its own unique story and objectives, the gameplay itself was often repetitive and predictable.

The game’s multiplayer mode was where it truly shone. The game featured several multiplayer modes, including standard deathmatch and team deathmatch, as well as more unique modes like Infestation and Predator Hunt. Infestation saw one player start as an Alien, with the goal of infecting the other players, who would then join the Alien team. Predator Hunt saw one player take on the role of the Predator, while the other players attempted to hunt them down. These modes added a fresh twist to the standard multiplayer formula and provided hours of entertainment.

Despite the game’s innovative multiplayer, it was often criticized for its lackluster graphics. While the game’s environments were well-designed, the character models and animations left a lot to be desired. The game’s lighting and shadow effects were also often criticized for being too dark and making it difficult to see in certain areas.

Another criticism of the game was its unbalanced multiplayer. The Alien was often seen as overpowered, with its ability to climb walls and crawl on ceilings making it difficult for other players to kill. The Predator, on the other hand, was seen as underpowered, with its stealth abilities not providing enough of an advantage in combat. With that said, as someone who typically plays Marine, even though I feel that the Alien sometimes has the edge, seeing Aliens scurry across walls and ceilings is both terrifying and awesome.

In conclusion, “Alien vs Predator 2010” was a mixed bag. While it had its strengths, such as its innovative multiplayer and faithful portrayal of the source material, it also had its weaknesses, such as its repetitive gameplay. Despite its flaws, it remains a cult classic for fans of the franchise and is still played by a dedicated community of players to this day.


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