Who are we?

“It’s about Family Tom”

theFrequency was born out of the Sydney LAN Party scene of the late 00’s out of necessity, due to the demise of one of the most successful and longest running LAN Parties in Australia known as FragFest, which ran 12 and 24 hour events in multiple locations accross Sydney, formally known in the 90’s as B.O.N.G (Brotherhood of Network Gaming) where 200 people would cram into community halls with their PC’s for unhealthy amounts of fun. These event’s were far more than just gaming. They were a pilgrimage, for the tech enthusiast, the car mechanic, the nurse, the forklift driver, and everyone and anyone in between. They drew all walks of life, and all were kindred spirits, bound together by category 5 network cable, caffeine, and the knowledge you could be whoever the hell you wanted to be, where your real name was less as important as your gaming handle, and as such, rarely if ever used.

FragFest formally known as B.O.N.G

With the demise of Fragfest, three individuals, in an attempt to try and keep this long lived and vibrant Community together, bought the hardware needed to keep running the LAN Parties, secure money for the venues, and try to get sponsors to provide prizes etc. Together they built websites, manually crimped hundreds of meters of cat 5 cable, and worked tirelessly to keep the Community together, and after deciding upon a new name theFrequency.com.au officially went live on the 11/11/11.

FragFest “Frag-a-thon” 24 hour LAN Party

theFrequency would continue to run LAN Parties, however, with mass adoption of broadband across the country including in rural areas that previously relied on LAN parties for file sharing and low latency gaming, rapidly increasing venue costs, the increasing need and expectation to have a solid internet at the event for CD key verification purposes, to access CSGO skins etc, the ability to continue to host events simply was sadly, no longer economically viable. LAN Parties will never entirely die, but the age of the LAN Party, as we knew it, in Australia at least is sadly over.

Despite and in an effort to keep the Community together, theFrequency took the LAN Party online, From running local servers at LAN parties back in the day, to running large, highly customised DayZ EPOCH servers to running some of Australia’s only 120hz Battlefield 4 servers, to even at one point being sponsored by Streamline-Servers to run the largest and most popular clusters of CSGO servers in Oceania at one point, on the 11/11/21 theFrequency celebrated more than a decade of that Community still existing in one form or another, and in some cases for those who we met way back at those LAN parties, we STILL don’t know each others real names.

It is true that only the strong survive, and through it all, from Ventrilo, to Mumble to Discord, whether you joined the community from playing on one of our Battlefield 3 servers in 2012, or were duct taped along with your PC to the roof of someones living room because we ran out of room for you and your PC back in those wonderful days of the LAN Party scene, one thing is beyond question;

We are still here.

At LAN Parties, it was never just about gaming, it was about being apart of a family, and that spirit lives on, alive and well all these years later. We may, out of necessity traded long road trips for webcams, community halls for Discord, but we are still here, having unhealthy amounts of fun.

Special thanks to Dancer, Valauk, BornLucky, Profeus, DK, Aspari, EvanChristo(Trouble), TeaGlutton, All admins and moderators past and present and everyone who has supported us, and continues to support us over the years.