First and foremost, allow me to extend an warm welcome to all our new prospects, we’ve seen significant growth over the last several months and we are thrilled to have so many new voices in Discord, and of course a massive thankyou to all our existing members, old and young. We are eternally grateful to you all, and for our part, we have a huge 2023 ahead for you all.

I’d also personally like to acknowledge, TeaGlutton, El-Infidel, DK, Evanchristo and Orion for the huge amount of work they have put in over the past several months. Also a big shout out to Thunder who has also provided time and resources to get these servers online for the community. While it may not always seem like a lot is going on, rest assured, as a team we are literally working every single day to try and make thefrequency the best community it can be. Whether its working on initiatives to bring in more players, or overcoming technical challenges that come with running Dedicated servers, these guys are constantly working, and they do it all entirely on a voluntary basis, without any expectation of reward or compensation for the real time they put into this thing. Thanks lads, none of this happens without you guys.

We’ve taken on you’re feedback, and we are proud to announce additional Gaming Servers some
Currently deployed, some in the not to distant future:


Servers both online currently and going live in the not too distant future:


This one has been a long time coming but certainly one that were extremely happy to finally have online, for the freqplatoon veterans out there, you know we are no stranger to the ARMA series, no doubt some of you still have PTSD from the Dayz Mod Epoch Servers and just old fashioned Vanilla ARMA2 days lol. (For the uninitiated See the freqplatoon’s youtube channel for evidence lol). After speaking with the community, we’ve settled on the Vietnam War DLC ‘Praire Fire’. Modern wars aren’t fun, (See Ukraine) and WW2 is too slow (lack of choppers), The Vietnam War offers as it has since Battlefield Vietnam the perfect balance between tech and movement (Choppers etc) but without the futility of modern warfare.

See #Servers on the website or Discord for more details, or search for thefrequency.com.au in the server browser. Any questions at all feel free to reach out to an Admin or Mod on Discord, who’ll be more than happy to get you geared up and Oscar Mike.


You asked, and we delivered. Centred around the Create mod, this mod pack features several small, well optimized mods aimed to create an immersive, and engaging world in an active, living world, allowing you to play the way you want to play:If you like to wander and explore, the Biomes O ‘Plenty mod offers an extensive range of biomes and world generation to explore. As well as Wayfinder pillars, waypoints, direction signs, and map to help you find you way.

If you like crafting, the Create mod offers near limitless opportunities to build and craft whatever you like, whether it be major factories, to mob farms, to intricate rail systems. If you like to delve the depths, you may find a few surprises and challenges awaiting you in the deep, dark caverns below your feet.

Find us on Curseforge!

No IP required simply enter MC.THEFREQUENCY.AU

See #Servers on the website or Discord for more details, or search for thefrequency.com.au in the server browser. Any questions at all feel free to reach out to an Admin or Mod on Discord, who’ll be more than happy to get you geared up and smashing blocks.


Do you hate your eyebrows? Then look no further, close air will take care of that in this classic tactical Shooter. If you still want the authentic Vietnam War experience, but looking for something a little more ‘arcadey’ a little more straight forward, then look no further. While showing its age a little in 2023, RS2 Vietnam STILL Rocks like its 1969. And we’re happy to provide the OCE region with one more Dedicated Server.

See #Servers on the website or Discord for more details, or search for thefrequency.com.au in the server browser. Any questions at all feel free to reach out to an Admin or Mod on Discord, who’ll be more than happy to get you listening to the trees.


“We’ve lost contact with the colony on LV426…”

We love Factorio, while it may not look as pretty as ‘Satisfactory’ – Like the Millenium Falcon, She’s got it where it counts. Factorio’s replayability is insane. The servers can theoretically host up to 36,000 players on a single server!! (You’re servers hardware will die before you run out of slots lol). You and your team mates have crash landed on a hostile procedurally generated Alien world. Work together to mine resources, build defences to protect the team from hostile wildlife, build the factory, and finally, launch a rocket to get back into orbit.

Obviously, to protect against griefing etc, the Server is password protected and on offer exclusively for members.

If you’re interested, see #Servers on the website or Discord for more details, or search for thefrequency.com.au in the server browser. Any questions at all feel free to reach out to an Admin or Mod on Discord, who’ll be more than happy to enlighten you on what’s needed to launch fish into orbit.

Currently Under construction:


Planned launch date: 25/2/23

Whilst we have yet to make an official announcement, we are looking for a DAYZSA Server Launch date of the 25th of Feb. For those who have been around for a while, you will hopefully remember our old DayZ Epoch server with fondness.

DAYZSA has been a double edged sword for us here at thefrequency. On one hand, DAYZSA has bought many new people into the IP. Indeed, on the new engine DAYZSA looks a lot prettier than the Arma2 Mod days. It is however missing many of the features we loved from the mod days. For one, the Mod had the Zombies sure, but it also had the entire ARMA2 ecosystem included as well. Want to have Blackhawk helicopters running in your DayZ server? Cool, they are apart of the base game, just add them in, no problem, the flight models are built for the task, the models are there etc etc.

With the release of DAYZSA however, (minus the Dean “Rocket” Hall controversy), we have been waiting literally almost a decade for the game to resemble anything like we had back in the wonderful days of DayZ Epoch. We do believe now however the game has gotten to a point where we can really start to sink our teeth into offering a similar experience to what we could offer the community back in 2012/13. The choppers/planes are jank af still unfortunately, and only sought of kind of work, because again, theres no native flight models, so modders have to try and make give the illusion of flight by basically giving a chopper model a cars physics and putting in the sky.

With that all said though, we do believe DayZ is at a point we can bring back “TheWalkingZed”. For those of you who were privy to it back in the DayZ epoch days and later Arma3 Exile days, we are happy to announce that https://thewalkingzed.com/ is back online. Just the way we left it Like the Zombies themselves, this is a server just keeps coming back from the dead, but unlike the Zombies, we hope this is a welcome addition to your healthy, wholistic gaming diet. – Stay tuned. Official website launch etc coming real soon.


Planned launch date: 31/10/23

After a successful launch back in July last year, and 5 months of PTSD inducing mayhem, we have since decided to put our Hell Let Loose server on the back burner until later this year. though rest assured we will back with a vengance in the latter part of this year, when we are closer to the highly anticipated Commonwealth update.

HLL is definitely in a state of flux right now. With the acquisition of the IP from Team17 themselves, the current developers aren’t contractually obligated to do a whole bunch, so don’t expect a ton of new content until likely late 2023 or even 2024, when Team17 really takes over and starts executing their vision for the game. As a result, given the current player numbers, and the sheer cost of running HLL servers, it’s simply not in our interest to host a HLL server right now, nor do we believe the interest is there in the community to justify it.

We’ll be back…

NOTE* These are just the Servers we have added in the past month, or plan to roll out in coming months. This is in addition to our current servers such as Insurgency Sandstorm. Be sure to check out the Server page for a full Server list.


We have put a ton of work into making the Discord experience even better over the past several months, arguably one of the most feature rich Discords out there right now. In addition to the current custom Music bots, we have several new completely in-house bots we hope will enrich your experience on our Discord even further.

Due to just how much we’ve added we feel like we would doing those announcements a disservice by adding them here, no doubt you’re lunch break is already over, and you’re weary of reading lol. So we’ll leave it here, but make sure you stay tuned as we have a bunch of significant announcements to make over coming days and weeks in regards to Community Events, New Discord Features and much more.

If you haven’t already follow us over at @Freqplatoon on twitter for all the latest, and once again thanks one and all for your ongoing support, and we look forward to seeing you in Discord: discord.gg/thefrequency


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